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Chlorine vs Salt Water Pools

Chlorine vs Salt Water Pools

Trying to decide between a chlorine or a salt water pool? At the end of the day it usually comes down to a matter of preference which pool you choose. However, the differences between the two types can affect your installation, maintenance and running costs.

Chlorine Vs Salt Water Pools: What you need to know

Let’s dive in.

Chlorine Pools

Chlorine pools are the most conventional pool found in Australia and is the best performer in sanitising water.

Chlorine works by breaking down into hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and hypochlorite ion (OCl-). These kill the microorganisms and bacteria found in the pool water.

Advantages of a chlorine pool

  • The best way to sanitise and keep your pool water clear and clean.
  • A chlorine pool has lower upfront costs.
  • The chlorine does not damage decking or accessories surrounding the pool

Disadvantages of a chlorine pool

  • There are higher ongoing costs – chemicals can be expensive, especially if you get an outbreak of algae or blackspot.
  • Requires more maintenance
  • Swimmers may find the smell of chlorine unpleasant or overwhelming.

Saltwater Pools

Despite its name, a saltwater pool is not free of chlorine. A salt water pool system has a salt “chlorine” generator or salt water chlorinator system. This system converts the pool salt into chlorine.

Advantages of a salt water pool

  • Lower ongoing costs – the cost of salt is less expensive than chlorine.
  • Saltwater pools require less maintenance as the salt cells produce the chlorine as needed

Disadvantages of a salt water pool

  • Higher upfront costs with the addition of the salt water chlorinator.
  • The salt water can damage wooden decking and metal fixtures over the long term. Also, the salt chlorine generator cells may need replacing.

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