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Fun Pool Games

Fun Pool Games To Play With The Kids

It’s time to spice up the fun in your pool. It’s a long hot summer and pool games are a great way to involve everyone in the action.

Grab the kids – lets play some fun pool games!

Here are some great ideas to start the fun –

Floatie Boat race

Each person grabs any kind of pool floatie they can find. A swim ring, noodles, pool ring, inflatable flamingo, rainbow rider, whatever, as long as you can ride it. Line up in the shallow end, get someone to shout ‘Ready, Set, Go’ and off you go. Watch the madness as everyone scrambles to reach the other end.

The first person to reach the deep end is the winner.

Air Ball

Blow up a beach ball (it doesn’t matter what size!) and get everyone to space themselves out in the water, around the pool. Throw the beach ball in and everyone must bounce the ball between each other keeping the beach ball in the air. This looks easier than it really is.

Our Modular Pool Fencing family record is 4.27 minutes – can you beat that?

  • Save the Treasure Dives
  • Oh no, the queen has lost her jewels!

Throw some plastic or glass jewels or stones (you can purchase these from variety or discount stores) randomly into the pool. The princes and princesses must retrieve the lost jewels for the queen by taking turns to dive in and scoop up as many as possible in one dive. The game ends when all the jewels are returned to the queen. The queen declares the prince or princess with the most jewels as the winner. This game is best played with more experienced swimmers.

Marco Polo

An oldie but a goodie. The object of the game is to not to be caught by Marco.

Pick one person to be Marco and get him/her to close their eyes. Marco calls out his name ‘Marco’ and the others must respond with ‘Polo’. Marco uses his hearing to find and tag another person. They can escape Marco by leaving the water but if Marco calls ‘out of water’ and you are not in the pool, you become the new Marco and the game continues.

Ships, submarines and torpedoes

You’ll need your best swimming skills for this game!

The object of the game is to cross to the other side of the pool without getting caught by the foe.

Choose one person to stand in the middle of the pool. Get the enemy to stand at one end of the pool. The person in the middle shouts one of the options – ‘ships’ or ‘submarines’ or ‘torpedoes’ to tell the enemy how they must cross the pool. If the person shouts ship, they must swim on top of the water; submarine, they must swim across the bottom of the pool or torpedoes, they must swim at mid water level.

Go fast and don’t let the enemy cross the line.

Pool safety at all times

Here at Modular Pool Glass fencing we care about pool safety. Before you set out to play these fun pool games, make sure there is close supervision, everyone knows the rules and that general pool safety rules still stand.

Don’t forget to check your pool fence that the gate latches properly when it shuts and that you haven’t left anything near the pool fence for kiddies to climb over in the pool area.

Modular Glass Pool Fencing can visit your home and assess your pool fence’s safety if you are unsure or it needs upgrading.

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