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Pool Fence Compliance

Pool Fence Compliance

Children are curious and love to swim, attracted by the fun of the cool, blue water in the backyard swimming pool. The pool fence can help keep children out of the pool and ensure pool safety.

3 quick checks for pool fence compliance

Local councils also have laws around the type and features of pool fencing to safeguard everyone. There are hefty penalties for non-compliant pool fencing so these easy checks can keep your family and friends safe.

  1. Check the Pool Fence
  • The height of the fence should measure a minimum of 1200mm, from the ground level to the top of the fence.
  • There should also be a gap of less than 100mm from the ground level to the bottom of the fence.
  • Any horizontal rails should be at least 900m apart and where there is no gap between these rails, they must be on the inside (pool side) of the fencing and not to exceed 10mm in width. Vertical rungs should be no further than 100mm.

These standards are to prevent children from climbing over or through the pool fence to enter the pool area unsupervised.

  1. Check the climbable zones

A pool fence works well in deterring children from entering the pool, however, there should be no fixtures within a certain distance of the pool fence, that can be used to climb over it.

  • For pool fencing that is less than 1800mm in height, the climbable zone is 900mm from the outside of the fence. This means that items that can be used to climb onto the pool fence such as BBQ’s, pot plants, tree branches, and outdoor furniture need to be more than 900mm away from the pool fence.
  • In instances where the vertical rungs are more than 100mm apart, there is an additional climbable zone of 300mm measured from the inside of the pool fence.
  • Special attention needs to be taken on properties with retaining walls, or uneven ground levels that they can’t be used as a booster to climb over the pool fence.
  1. Check the gates

Check all gates used on the pool fence.

  • Gates should have self-closing and self-latching mechanisms. The latch must be on the inside of the pool fence and at least 1500mm from ground level or 1400mm from the bottom horizontal rail, to prevent young children from reaching the latch.
  • The gate must open outwards (away from the pool area).
  • Any gate hinges that are wider than 10mm, must be 900mm apart from each other or covered with non-climbable hinge covers. These are available from your local pool fence supplier.

Still not sure if your pool fence is compliant?  Call Modular Glass Fencing now, we’re happy to pop around to double check your pool fence is safe from children and you are compliant with your local council regulations.

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