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Pool Fence Fittings

Pool fencing fittings

The pool fence fittings are just as important as the pool fence itself. If these fittings are compromised in any way, they can render the pool fence impractical in keeping children out of the pool and pool area.

Don’t forget about your pool fence fittings?

Exposed to the weather elements, harsh pool chemicals and the pool water, the fittings can deteriorate over time.  Therefore, your pool fence fittings need to be made of high quality, durable materials suitable for their use.

Over the years, the team at Modular Glass Fencing have seen some cheap pool fence fittings that has compromised the safety of their children – and we don’t want that to happen to you.

Your pool fence fittings should be –

  • Made of thick stainless steel – stainless steel is strong and durable and must be of considerable thickness to reduce weakening of the fittings.
  • Rust and chemical proof – being exposed to weather (wind, UV and rain) and harsh pool chemicals, the fittings need to be durable enough to withstand these conditions over time.
  • Designed for easy maintenance – fittings that can be maintained, repaired and cleaned properly, will last longer and reduce deterioration.

Modular Glass Fencing have seen instances where the pool fence fittings have compromised the safety of the pool fence.  We have seen fence brackets that have rusted so the fence panel can be pushed aside for access to the pool area, pool latches that don’t close properly because the hinges are stiff, and support stays that can be lifted from their bracket.

Pool fence fittings need to be carefully assessed when choosing your pool fencing.  At Modular Glass Fencing, we are happy to check your existing pool fence fittings if you are in any way concerned about the safety of them.  Call us now on to arrange an appointment.

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