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Pool Safety

Pool Safety

When summer heats up, it’s time to cool down in the backyard swimming pool.  Pools can be great fun for children of all ages, but a few pool safety rules ensure the fun and laughs last!

Simple steps for pool safety

Swimming and water safety lessons are a must for all children.  Together with a few important rules for pool safety and adult supervisions the backyard pool risks can be minimised.

Adult supervision always

The most important pool safety rule is to never, ever, leave children unattended in and around the pool.  It is recommended that an adult is within a 5 metre distance from a child swimming.  If you do need to leave the pool area, take the children with you or get another adult to supervise.

We know there are many distractions around the pool, but a little planning ahead can minimise them. Be prepared – collect all towels, goggles, swimming aids, sunscreen, pool toys, anything you may need for a swim, before everyone enters the pool area.  Leave behind anything that may distract you from supervising the children and concentrating on their safety.

Establish good pool rules

If you set up pool rules from the very beginning and stick to them, this sets boundaries for your children’s pool behaviour and helps minimise your risks.  Some pool rules for children should include –

  • Always ask an adult before you can enter the pool area or swim.
  • Always swim with a parent or adult present
  • Do not run in the pool area
  • Do not bring glass such as drinking glasses, or mugs into the pool area

Secure potential hazards

There can be many hazards around the pool area which need to be secured before children enter the pool area.

  • Pool chemicals can be toxic and should be stored away from the children, preferably in lockable storage.
  • Remove all tripping hazards such as pool toys away from the edge of the pool.
  • Check for spiders and biting insects such as bees in and around the pool.

Check your pool fencing

Every swimming pool must have a secure pool fence that restricts children accessing the pool and pool area. Ensure that your pool fence meets with the safety standards in your state.  The safety regulations state the type and height of the pool fence, the size of gaps of the fence, and the pool gates and latches.

If you’re not sure if your pool fence is compliant or you need a new pool fence, call Modular Glass Fencing now and we can help you to secure your pool.  We have been installing compliant Sydney pool fencing for many years.

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