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Why You Need A Pool Fence CPR Sign

A CPR sign is a robust plastic sign which outlines how to do CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) if someone drowns in your pool.

The CPR sign and why you need one on your pool fence

CPR is one of the primary techniques used as first aid in a drowning emergency. The sign displays the steps for CPR, before emergency services can get to your home.

Back yard pool drownings are still a concern in Australia. According to the study conducted by the Royal Lifesaving Association, twelve children under the age of five have died in the year 2017/18 and hundreds more were involved in non-fatal drowning incidents.

These CPR signs are important in helping save lives from drownings and here’s why you need one near your pool.

You need a CPR sign to be compliant

One part of the mandatory new pool fencing regulations is that every pool has a compliant CPR sign displayed on their pool fencing or near the pool. This sign must be visible from the pool and it cannot be covered or blocked by nearby objects such as outdoor furniture, pot plants or tree branches.

You need a CPR sign if you don’t know how to do CPR

A CPR sign outlines the steps you need to conduct CPR on a child or adult when they have drowned.

It is recommended that someone in the family completes a first aid course. However, if that person is absent, not everyone in the family or visiting friends may know how to do CPR.

You need a CPR sign as a reminder in an emergency

You may have completed a first aid course and be proficient in giving CPR. However, under emergency conditions or if it is a loved one who needs help, you may panic. The CPR sign will help you to focus on the steps to follow.

It is important that all steps are followed in the order displayed on the chart, so in an emergency the sign acts as a guide to follow.

It will also advise how bystanders can help, such as ringing 000.

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