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Modular Glass Fencing is the best solution for Frameless Glass Pool Fencing and Balustrades in Sydney

Glass Fencing Services

At Modular Glass Fencing, we’re Sydney’s leading experts in glass pool fencing, glass balustrading and aluminium pool fencing. We provide pool fencing and glass balustrading services to Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Northern Suburbs and beyond. Our finished product combines state of the art design with safety and strength. Our fencing and balustrading solutions are at the forefront of our industry.

So our designs provide the safety you need while also adding style to compliment your home and yard. Also we have more than a decade of experience in designing and installing glass fencing. Our team has built a wealth of knowledge on the best ways of doing things and which parts are best for long term use.

Above all, we have some great designers and structural engineers on our team. We supply the highest quality pool fencing and glass balustrading services for all types of projects. These projects include residential, commercial and even architectural. And the quality of our services speaks for itself.

In short we make a point of going above and beyond what’s necessary. Our products and services are all in accordance with Australian Standards AS1926.1 (2012) as well as all local regulations.

Our Glass Fencing Services

Give your property a sleek modern touch of class with our Glass Pool Fencing, Glass Balustrades and Aluminium Pool Fencing. Most importantly, our team is professional, reliable and will work within your timing and budget constraints.

Glass Fencing
Glass Pool Fencing

Beautify Your Home With Glass Pool Fencing.

Glass Pool Fencing creates a refreshing sense of open space and sleek styling you your pool. Also it adds a contemporary visual appeal to your outdoor area and property thereby increasing its perceived value.

Our team works closely with each one of our clients. We give our clients a range of glass pool fencing solutions to work with any budget, style or need. Protect your pool from unwanted access by children and pets while keeping that fenceless look with glass pool fencing. Our glass pool fencing is strong, reliable and secure. It’s also pleasing to the eye, easy to keep clean and well priced.

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Glass Fencing
Glass Balustrading

Stainless Steel Balustrading for a Superior Finish

Glass Balustrading gives some style and the feeling of more space to any home or office. It works on balconies, decking, stairs and other high areas. For Example, most business places use nicely designed glass balustrades to create a feeling of luxury. Also They’re a great extra when looking to upgrade an existing building. They work wonders for any home or commercial property.

We work with our clients to create clever designs that work. Designs which give styling to a home or office and give a sense of more space. We supply glass balustrades for balconies, stairs and hand rails. This creates a look of luxury for your property. Giving you safety and a clear separation of space without blocking your views.

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Glass Fencing
Aluminium Pool Fencing

Stylish Aluminium Pool Fencing Gives You Peace of Mind

Aluminium pool fencing has become quite common in the world of pool fencing. It’s also the most cost efficient way of installing your pool fence. So it’s no surprise that it’s become such a huge favourite for most Aussie homes.

As a metal, aluminium is light, easy to make. It doesn’t corrode and it still looks good. This is the perfect combination for an affordable pool fence. Our team create a wide range of aluminium pool fencing systems to suit surroundings, individual preferences and safety requirements. Our designs are structurally integral, reliable, aesthetically pleasing and incredibly affordable.

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Sleek Designs at Competitive Pricing

Creating secure and eye pleasing designs needs inspiration and vision. Our team work with each client to help create the right vision for how every job should look. Coming from over 10 years in our industry, we can give you inspiring design ideas and great solutions to meet your needs. Our history and industry contacts also allow us to offer competitively pricing. We offer well priced fencing solutions so you can get maximum value on your project.

Quality Workmanship

At Modular Glass Fencing, we value real service and quality work. We have a team of very experienced professionals who enjoy their job and have a focus on quality. Our team not only meet all safety compliance requirements but also aim to exceed your expectations with our finished product. We take pride in creating secure, eye pleasing environments for residential, commercial and architectural properties.

Competitive Pricing

Modular Glass Fencing takes pride in offering competitively-priced frameless glass solutions to suit any budget. Our glass hardware can be supplied at almost cost price giving you maximum value on your project.

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Modular Glass Fencing is a Sydney Northern Beaches business specialising in Frameless Glass Pool Fencing and Balustrades.


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