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Aluminium Pool Fencing Is Safe And Affordable

Stay safe with our residential aluminium pool fencing.

Aluminium pool fencing is the cost effective way of making sure your pool area is safe for everyone. Pool safety is an important concern for most homeowners around Sydney. As a homeowner, you should make sure that your pool is both a fun and relaxing area rather than a safety problem. Especially for your children or pets. So, keep your family, pets and guests safe with our aluminium pool fencing.

We supply products that meet your pool safety needs and the lawful standards. But they also bring out a classic Aussie aesthetic appeal to your backyard. We have a variety of different profiles and colours (powder coated). Our selection gives you the ability to style a nice aluminium pool fence according to your own taste. Other than that, our products are made from the highest quality of materials. And in accordance with Australian Standards to serve you for decades on end.

Aluminium Pool Fencing
Aluminium Pool Fencing
Aluminium Pool Fencing

Aluminium Pool Fencing Created With The Best Aluminium On The Market

Aluminium pool fencing has been an Aussie favourite for decades. Many families have relied on them to give an element of safety in their backyards. Aluminium is one of the most widely used materials in the world. Its low density makes it light weight and easier to work with. Despite its weight, fencing made from aluminium, depending on the grade, are very strong and reliable.

Our aluminium pool fencing is very strong and doesn’t corrode. Unlike some other brands, it keeps its strength even in low temperatures. Additionally, although it’s normal for aluminium to expand in hotter temperatures, our aluminium fences expand less than normal. This quality of aluminium in high or low temperatures means you don’t have to worry about replacing your fence for a long time.

Safety Above The Standards

The recent changes in NSW pool fencing regulations (or laws) are making people really take notice. It’s more important than ever to make sure your pool fence complies. If your pool fence does not comply there can be some fines by your local council.

At Modular Glass fencing, we make sure that your pool meets compliance now and in the future. But we also go above and beyond the state safety needs. Our hardware, design, installation and after service support will give you peace of mind. Not many fencing contractors will give you that.

Our aluminium pool fencing and gates are built in line with Australian Standards AS1926.1 (2012). Installation is done by experts who have been doing their job for years. They will not compromise on quality or safety for any reason. We also work closely with local pool inspectors to make sure that your fence meets all of your needs.

Why you Need Aluminium Pool Fencing

Our different aluminium pool fences not only meet the standards but also surpasses them. If your pool is not located on level ground, there is no need to worry. We can build your fencing to the standards on each level. We are fully committed to offering a great service to our customers. Giving you reliable, maintenance free, stylish aluminium pool fencing to suit your needs. Other than the service levels we offer, aluminium itself has been a common material for pool fencing for many years. It fills an very important need and comes with its own benefits.

aluminium pool fencing

Save The Lives Of Children!

Pool fencing is just as important as any other property fence. For example, a fence around your house is essential in protecting your home from unwanted or unannounced visitors. You can build that fence as high as you like to keep people from looking into your private areas or entering.

In the same way, a pool fence protects children from making deadly mistakes around your pool. Nobody wants to lose a child, its a thought we could all live without. Therefore, an aluminium pool fence comes in very handy. It offers a sturdy boundary for unattended children keeping your pool safe, private and secure.

Pet Safety

The possibility of a pet getting hurt or even dying is not a nice thought. There is always a possibility that your pets may become too curious and go for a swim. Just as no child is safe in the water without adult supervision, the same case often applies to pets. There is a possibility that your favourite pet will wander into the area and either slip into the pool or even jump. An aluminium pool fence makes sure that your pool will not pose a threat to anyone, including your family, pets or guests. It also gives your dog somewhere to mark his or her territory but most people wouldn’t have read this far.

Aluminium is Low Maintenance

Does a pool fence have to be made from aluminium? The answer is no. As a matter of fact, there are other materials available that would “act” as pool fencing. However, aluminium offers a variety of benefits over most other materials. One of them being that aluminium requires little to no maintenance unlike other materials. One thing to remember is that pool fencing is exposed to high chlorine, salt water and often children! This is a damaging set of factors for most materials.

It is true, once you have installed your aluminium pool fencing, you can forget about it for a long time. On the other hand, wooden fences are susceptible to moisture and tend to bow, rot and mould. The same applies to galvanised chain fences which can and are almost guaranteed to rust horribly. PVC fencing is another alternative which might look amazing at first. That is until algae inevitably starts showing up on the PVC or vinyl fencing. Lastly, wrought iron fences, when properly fabricated are a work of art to look at. Unfortunately, they are a pain in the butt to look after. They are highly susceptible to moisture and will rot or decay within a rather short time.

Setting itself apart, aluminium pool fencing wont rust, doesn’t allow algae or mould growth and doesn’t need any treatment. Maintaining aluminium pool fencing is effortless and not as important as most other fencing styles.

Affordable yet Classic

Aluminium Pool Fencing has becoming quite fashionable again and looks especially good against trees, shrubs and Greenery. If price is the main problem to solve, why not check out our gallery. Here, you will see how fantastic it can look at incredibly affordable prices.

Colour Match Powder Coating

aluminium pool fencing

We can powder-coat your desired design in any colour to match your scenery, taste or preference.

However, we hold Black and woodland grey in stock due to high demand. We can offer these two colour options cheaper at a discount as we buy in

bulk. If colour is critical we use Australian Interpon and Deluxe Colours powder coated locally here in Sydney.

The safety of your family, pets and guests is important. Choose solid aluminium pool fencing that will last the life of your home. Choose Modular Glass Fencing – contact us today for a quote.

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