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Glass Balustrading Brings Style And Increases Value

Add A Timeless Sophisticated Look To Your Property With Glass Balustrading!

You may be looking for glass balustrading for your staircase, deck, balcony, veranda or any other indoor or outdoor area. We give high quality glass balustrading that will add a timeless, refined look to your property. Glass Balustrading is ideal for new builds or to update your existing property. We look after residential or commercial properties in Sydney, Northern Beaches and surrounding regions.

Our glass balustrading service can include:

  • Fully frameless 12mm panels
  • Custom-design, so you can create to your exact needs
  • A variety of handrail types
glass balustrading
glass balustrading
glass balustrading
glass balustrading
glass balustrading
glass balustrading

Frameless Glass Balustrades Are Strong

Glass Balustrades are a popular building glazing design feature in many homes and businesses across Australia. They create a strong, yet clear safety barrier whether used inside or outside.

We use specially designed toughened Heat Soaked glass to provide a structural balustrade that is safe and secure. More importantly, our designs create no obstruction to surroundings whilst providing a grand contemporary finish throughout the home.

Glass balustrades are versatile. They look great on external balconies, stairwells and internal level changes. Depending on the surrounding elements, we use a variety of fixing techniques. Using creative channel bases, we can hide all base fixings to give a completely frameless yet secure glass panel.

That’s not all, using a specially designed external rated interlayer, all our external glass balustrades have excellent levels of weather resistance. Unlike the standard PVB interlayers which weather on the external edges of the glass balustrade, these interlayers are strong, yet clear and thin to give more glass clarity and longer life.

Glass Balustrading
Glass Balustrading
Glass Balustrading
Glass Balustrading
Glass Balustrading
Glass Balustrading

Internal Glass Balustrading

Glass is a versatile material. Therefore when used inside, it can help to create an awesome sense of space and light. A glass staircase or landing allows light to travel freely through the room, and is a recent and stylish way of lifting the appeal of your home.

You may be creating your dream home and want to use the highest quality finishes or updating your existing home. As a part of your update you may want to modernise your interiors with a glass staircase. What ever your vision we have the expertise to help. We can use custom designed panels for any glass balustrading project.

All of our products are built to Australian safety standards. The finishing touches supplied by stainless steel components create a look that will last through the years.

External Glass Balustrading

Glass Balustrading
Glass Balustrading
Glass Balustrading
Glass Balustrading
Glass Balustrading
Glass Balustrading

Glass balustrading is the perfect way to add a touch of finesse and class to the exterior of your property. With a timeless yet up to date appeal. They create a tidy and clean appearance to your balcony, decking or veranda. And allow the design of your property to shine through without getting in the way.

We offer a service that will cater to any kind of project, whether it’s residential or commercial. While we keep a number of pre-made balustrades in ready supply, our custom designed balustrades can be developed to match any style of balcony or decking.

Transparent Safety Barriers

Frameless glass balustrades are known for their minimal fixing. As a safety barrier, the first aim is to make sure that they give better than the normal security. For this reason, our first aim on any is to guarantee the safety and reliability of our glass balustrades. Our highly adept in-house team of designers and structural engineers hold safety and function at the core of their work. We can design minimal, eye pleasing and secure glass barriers, inside and outside, with no visible fixings.

Also, we create balustrades at different lengths and heights to give more freedom of design for these glass elements. We also feature curved glass as your decor and preferences dictate. Handles, caps and handrails can also be added to any custom glass balustrade design as requested.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Glass Balustrading

The increasing popularity for glass balustrades in modern homes and commercial buildings is a result of the value they add. Not to mention the contemporary look they offer. By using glass balustrades in your home, you;

  • Keep beautiful views of your surroundings
  • Create an illusion of extra space
  • Accentuate modern décor themes and styling preferences
  • All without dropping the safety and security

When selecting a glass balustrade system for a residential or commercial project, there are three things to consider.

  • Style.
  • Quality.
  • Strength.

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that you achieve all three things without compromise, particularly on style. Coloured interlayers can also be integrated in the laminating procedure to create a more decorative effect. Varying effects can also be added using wire meshes of different fabrics.

Choosing Your Glass Balustrade System

Glass Balustrading
Glass Balustrading
Glass Balustrading

We have a wide range of glass balustrading designs and systems coming with a variety of fixing methods to meet any need. The fixing option most suited for a particular glass balustrade project will depend on a few factors;

  • Glass specs
  • Location of the balustrade
  • Project type and building construction

Our team takes all these factors into consideration in designing and creating a balustrade. They also consider an associated fixing method that is best suited for your project. All balustrades are made from toughened laminated glass to guarantee their best strength and safety. However, the glass needs required for a glass balustrade differ due to load deflection requirements.

Glass Balustrading Specifications

In essence, glass balustrades for commercial projects require a higher glass specs (line load deflection) and fixing strength. As opposed to residential projects which require less. Although deflection cannot be completely engineered out, our in house design and structural engineering team makes sure that our glass balustrade deflection rates are the lowest among our closest competitors. Additionally, we offer various elegant metal capping handrail channels. They are available in different materials to counteract the few millimetres of misalignment.

There is no doubt that glass balustrades add elegance to any residential or commercial property. Be it inside or outside, their stylish features work beautifully in almost any context they are used for. They combine their beauty with much better views. Also the great function of wind breaking, glass strength and easy cleaning to firmly crown a property as a masterpiece.

We have a great design and structural engineering team. They have mixed in precision engineered handrail profiles, lighter glass and strong supporting bases for a superior glass balustrade. We offer a versatile range of glass balustrade design options. All with a “wow” factor. Our glass balustrades give a sense of spaciousness, clean lines and lots of stylish options even on a limited budget.

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