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Modular Glass Fencing is the best solution for Frameless Glass Pool Fencing and Balustrades in Sydney

Installing Glass Pool Fencing Sydney Wide!

The perfect balance of pool safety and aesthetics

Popularity has grown for Glass Pool Fencing Sydney Wide in the last few years. If you are looking for safety and security for your pool, one option stands out from the rest. Glass fencing is the perfect balance of pool safety, security and aesthetics.

Glass Pool Fencing Sydney
Glass Pool Fencing
Glass Pool Fencing Sydney
Glass Pool Fencing
Glass Pool Fencing Sydney
Glass Pool Fencing

At Modular Glass Fencing, we design premium glass pool fencing Sydney wide for residential and commercial customers. So you may want to take in the beautiful scenery around your pool as you take a swim. Or even limit pool access, our glass fencing is for you. Our glass fencing is high-end, elegant and clear enough to offer a fenceless look whilst also maintaining pool safety. So our pool fencing allows you to enjoy the sun, maintain pool safety and to transform your backyard.

Elegance and Peace of Mind

Our pool fencing gives a new name to the phrase pool safety. Safety never looked this good. Our glass pool fences are made from the best materials that will stand the test of time in the harshest Aussie weather. Another enticing advantage of glass fencing is that they are almost effortless to look after. When last did you see something so elegant cost so little in time and money to maintain? A gentle wipe down with some soapy water and you have total clarity for days or even weeks. No rust, no mould and no algae. Just an elegant and secure space where your family and friends can make memories.

Glass Pool Fencing Sydney
Glass Pool Fencing
Glass Pool Fencing Sydney
Glass Pool Fencing
Glass Pool Fencing Sydney
Glass Pool Fencing

At Modular Glass Fencing, we make a point to ensure that all our work meets regulatory compliance not only now but in the future. Our materials, design, installation and after sale service are all geared to give you the peace of mind you deserve. As with our other pool fencing solutions, our pool fencing is constructed and installed in compliance with Australian Standards (AS1926.1 (2012) and all local requirements.

Why Choose Glass Pool Fencing

  • Glass Fencing is undoubtedly the most stylish way to secure your pool area.
  • It boosts your home’s visual appearance by giving the pool area an elegant appeal to all who see it.
  • When properly installed with the right equipment and fixings, glass fencing is the most durable fencing option among the alternatives.
  • Glass fencing is resilient around all types of pool water be it salty or chlorinated. So it doesn’t require too much maintenance or repair.
  • It allows you to integrate bespoke designs based on your preferences.
  • With proper care and maintenance, glass fencing can last for decades.

Pool Fencing is considered by many as the best option for keeping a swimming pool safe. Additionally, it’s rather affordable and hassle free. At Modular Glass Fencing, our team of structural engineers and designers are eager to work with you to meet your pool fencing needs. We pride ourselves in having the flexibility to help you get the most out of your property and the pool is a great win. We design and install glass pool fencing Sydney Wide!

Talk to us today and let us start transforming your pool with elegant and secure glass fence systems guaranteed to re-define your outdoor experience.

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Modular Glass Fencing takes pride in offering competitively-priced frameless glass solutions to suit any budget. Our glass hardware can be supplied at almost cost price giving you maximum value on your project.

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